It’s pretty hard to not have a good time when Revelry graces the stage. Their tag line “Hell Yeah” says it all!  Revelry brings a confidence and swagger to the table like no other; beckoning back to some of the greatest sounds that ever emerged from rock music from the 70’s forward. This band will make your ears hum long after you stumble out of the arena with their own classically appealing flavor of Southern rock.


Revelry was founded in 2019 after the band met at a local show in their hometown of Murfreesboro, Tennessee. There to see their future guitarist Redd Byrdd Howell’s band The Redd Byrdd Project, lead singer Zack Montgomery, guitarist J Whorley, and bassist Dane Lovvorn began to get acquainted over a bottle of Jack Daniels. After the show, J introduced the guys to Redd Byrdd, and they all started jamming. After adding drummer Lucas Vincent and Revelry was born.  Redd Byrdd and J grew up together, and have been best friends since they were 10-years-old. The two grew up learning guitar to the masterful chops of Lynyrd Skynyrd as evidenced through their style. Redd’s greatest idol was Allen Collins, and J’s was Gary Rossington. Ever since, the two have remained inseparable.


Part of Revelry’s sound is based upon the unique perspective that Zack Montgomery brings to the table. Raised by a gigging country musician, Zack grew up around his father’s music, and at one point, he even got an opportunity to play in his dad’s band. Together, they opened up for legendary acts such as David Allan Coe and Molly Hatchet, giving Zack a firsthand experience on what it’s like to play in the big leagues. Zack and Dane would go on to borrow a few musicians from Zack’s fathers band to found Revelry’s predecessor, King & the Rebel.


While it is not heavily prevalent in Revelry’s music, Zack draws a lot of his inspiration from the country music he grew up on. According to both Dane and Zack, certain songs of his are often shot down for being too soft and slow, in the style of many great country ballads. However, Zack churns out the gritty Southern rock that his boys need, and he tucks the country ballads in his back pocket for a rainy day. With input from the entire band, all of the tracks that they play on stage are entirely a group effort, and they put a lot of pride and effort into everything they present. They feel that it is important to create songs for everyone, and they only want to talk about what’s real. Music is said to come in cycles, and with the kind of head banging energy that Revelry brings to the stage, changes might be coming sooner than we expected. Still young and full of endless potential, Revelry is bound to impress the masses for ages. This band does music justice, and it sets a bold standard for what is to come. The lights have dimmed, and the curtain has only just been dropped.





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